10 beauty and wellness tricks you can learn from Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s Instagram


Shilpa Shetty Kundra has been using Instagram to share her favourite hacks, tips, tricks with her fans. “Social media is a powerful weapon; you just have to know how to use it. It’s a great platform to help me make a difference. That’s why I decided to take the health and wellness route, and I must credit social media—Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and every possible medium that’s helping me spread the word,” she shared in an interview. Here is a sneak-peek into what you can learn.

1) An AM workout can be a great way to start the day

Shetty Kundra likes to start her day with a workout. “There’s so much uncertainty in life at this point that we need to center ourselves to function normally,” she confirmed in an Instagram post. Experts say that getting in a sweat session in the morning could motivate you to make healthier food choices, and can leave you with more energy, focus and an uplifted mood through the day.

2) Finding the time to workout is key

During the pandemic-induced lockdown, Shetty Kundra kept motivating her fans to stick to their fitness routine while at home. She shared a video of herself doing a workout on the stairs—one that did not need too much space, equipment or weights. “You don’t need to come in contact with anyone else for it,” she shared about the safe practice. While she loves yoga, the actor likes to intersperse her sessions with HIIT, pylometrics and cardio as well.

3) Stretching is always a good idea

While intensive workouts are important, recovery through stretching is just as key. Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, that flexibility helps to maintain a range of motion in the joints. Without it, the muscles can shorten and become tight. “It’s important to stretch and flex the muscles often, to prepare the body, safeguarding our bodies from injuries and for the activities we take on,” confirmed Shetty Kundra.

4) A balanced breakfast is important

Just like a workout, starting the day off with a well-balanced diet that consists of protein, healthy fats and fibre is key. “I don’t skip breakfast because I don’t have time. If you don’t break your fast you are not doing good to your brain and body. I like to keep it simple and quick,” Shetty Kundra shared in an interview. Her picks? Fresh fruit, avocado and eggs, which she considers “a complete meal”.

5) Antioxidant-rich berries are a great add-on to your diet

A diet high in antioxidants may reduce the risk of many diseases (including heart disease and other inflammatory conditions). Antioxidants scavenge free radicals from the body cells and reduce the damage caused by oxidation. Shetty Kundra likes to imbibe these through berries and other Vitamin C-rich fruits, which she regularly blends into a smoothie.

6) There’s something to be said for guilt-free indulgences

While eating a healthy balanced diet is a part of Shetty Kundra’s lifestyle, so is letting loose. As part of her #SundayBinge series, she demonstrates the fun desserts and snacks that she enjoys on the weekend. “I’m human so I give in, and when I do, I do it guilt-free and enjoy every bit,” she confirmed on Instagram. Experts say that meals that are different from a daily diet, can actually be beneficial. They can help to reset hormones responsible for metabolism and insulin regulation.

7) Organic produce is a safe choice

Eating organic, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables have many benefits, and this is two-fold if you are able to grow the plants yourself like Shetty Kundra. Organic foods are fresher, better for the environment, and can even be richer in some nutrients like Omega 3.

8) Skincare is an inside-out job

For Shetty Kundra, a simple, no-nonsense skincare routine takes precedence over a complicated, multi-step one. “Moisturising takes precedence over makeup. No matter how rushed I am, after I take a shower the one thing I always do is slap on a good moisturiser from head to toe,” she shared in an interview with Vogue India. But it’s not just the topical application. “I believe that whatever you do for your skin has to be internal. I start my day with a glass of warm water, with two aamlas squeezed in. Amla is very high in Vitamin C and is supposed to be good for hair and skin.”

9) A bold eye makeup look is always a good call

Shetty Kundra likes to accentuate her eyes with a swipe of kohl, lots of mascara and lots of dark eyeshadow. When she’s experimenting, she has been known to play with bold colours like purple, or add shimmery, glittery textures to her eye makeup looks.

10) Find a signature hairstyle

Shetty Kundra’s shoulder-length strands are always blown out, and cut in layers. Her feathered blowout is her favourite feature. “My hair is my crowning glory—I get a blow-dry every two days,” she confirmed back in 2014.

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