3 expert-approved facials that promise a new year, new you glow


In the middle of all the December revelry (what with all the weddings and festivities that go on till the wee hours of the morning), common sense gets thrown out of the window big time, don’t you agree? Late night partying, alcohol and dessert binges, dehydration, lack of sleep and exercise all have serious repercussions, which last well into the new year. Top on the list of biggest losers of this debauchery of sorts is your skin—after all, you are what you eat (and drink), right? To rescue your skin from all the indulgence, Vogue spoke to two renowned skin experts—Dr Harshna Bijlani of The Ageless Clinic and Dr Abhijit Desai of Skinsense Skin & Laser Clinic—about the latest facial technology and treatments that can help your skin get back to its glowing self. Scroll ahead for their recommendations.

A brightening and lifting facial for tired skin

Just what the doctor ordered to kickstart the new year (and decade) on a clean slate—the Boto-facial starts with a clean-up to remove any dirt, grime and blackheads from your skin, making sure the ingredients penetrate well into your skin. Next, a Korean Skincare Rubber Mask, chosen for its unique active ingredients and customised according to your skin type and concern, is used. The last and most crucial step involves the use of brightening as well as botox-inspired Korean serums which are delivered via the new-age meso-jet technology, leaving you with younger looking skin. “This facial directs special anti-ageing and brightening Korean skincare ingredients into the deeper layers of your skin, rather than on a more superficial level, to provide fantastic long-lasting results,” explains Dr Bijlani. “The home care with this facial is a special patented idebenone serum, four times more effective than Vitamin C and named the number one antioxidant by the American Skin Institute, to help maintain that glow,” she adds.

A balancing peel for those on-the-go

“Ideal for those even in their 20s, the Pearl Finish Laser Peel is a simple yet effective treatment for many skin problems. It helps in removing superficial sunspots and unwanted tan, improves patchy uneven tone and minimises enlarged pores. Pearl finish, when done at regular intervals, helps reduce superficial fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the absorption function of the skin,” says Dr Abhijeet Desai. What makes this a winner—besides the benefits mentioned above—is that there is zero downtime, so this facial can be done during lunchtime on a weekday too. The laser peel is performed by laser specialist doctors themselves, not by assistants. “All treatments are customised to the requirements of different skin types. What’s more, they are affordable,” Dr Desai says.

An illuminating facial for dull skin

“The Ageless Glass Skin Facial uses a special glass laser instead of the meso-jet technology to help with pigmentation, and provides smoother skin texture and an overall luminescence,” says Dr Bijlani. The first two steps are more or less the same as those performed for the Boto-facial, but that’s where the similarity ends. The special Glass Laser reduces pigmentation and improves skin texture to reveal brighter smoother illuminating skin, mimicking a “glass glow”. Finally, a special serum enriched with the DNA of salmon, pearls, oyster and seaweed (The Shangpree Marine Jewel Capsule) is applied. “This delivers deep hydration for brighter, more luminous, glass-like skin,” concludes Dr Bijlani.

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