4 small dietary changes that can make a huge difference in your health


New Delhi: The food you eat is the main source of nutrition of your body. This is one of the ways in which it can affect your health. The nutrients are required by your body for various body functions, which when not carried out efficiently can give rise to diseases and conditions. At the same time, certain foods can cause damage to your body systems and organs, which can keep them from performing their functions properly, leading to disruption in your health. A healthy diet has been associated with a healthy body for the longest time.

As most of us become more conscious of our health and what we put into our bodies, we pay attention to the bigger parts – which diet should you follow, how many carbs you intake, and if or not the food you are eating is helping you lose weight. However, it is the little things that make a huge difference. Here are 4 small changes you can incorporate in your diet to be healthier and safer.

4 dietary changes for big health results

  1. Do not drink your calories – As many people like to follow a calorie-deficit diet in order to lose weight, they forget to take into account the calories they are drinking. You may have a low-carb salad made only with vegetables, but end up drinking various servings of sweetened beverages. While consuming some amount of sugar is okay, consuming excess added sugar can lead to weight gain, disruption of blood sugar levels, and can also contribute to various diseases.
  2. Consume the right amount of protein – People are often so centred about eating the right amount of calories, they forget to take into account one of the most important nutrients needed by the body – protein. As per diet experts, you must include some form of protein in each of your meals. Protein is called the building block of life and therefore plays an essential role in keeping your hair, skin, and whole body healthy.
  3. Portion control is the key – Most people believe they gain weight because they keep eating. However, eating is not the culprit. Badly timed meals and large portions are. You should ideally have 6 small meals throughout the day, and keep your portions small. This ensures that you get all the nutrients your body requires from different foods, while not gaining any weight at the same time. You can use smaller plates to eat your food, which helps in portion control.
  4. Do not starve yourself – Many people around the world take up crash diets that include extreme measures to lose weight or stay healthy. These include eating very few calories, drinking only juices, following a liquid diet among others. This only leads to the body being starved and craving food. It can also lead to nutritional deficiencies and an unhealthy body. Remember that a balanced diet is important, and not eating will not mean you do not gain any weight.

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