4 ways to get rid of summer tan


It’s time to brighten up this summer. Here are four tried-and-tested remedies to get rid of a summer tan:

Brighten up

Potato juice calms your skin and is a strong bleaching agent. You can either juice the potato and apply it on your face or use thin slices for application.

Strawberries and milk
Strawberries and milk make for a good antidote for tanned skin. Make a thick paste using strawberries and 2 tbsp fresh cream. Let the paste sit for 20 minutes to see instant results right after.

There’s a reason our grandmothers are obsessed with turmeric. It really does help with removal of tanning. Make a paste with 2 tbsp turmeric and a little bit of milk and wear it for 30 minutes weekly to see a marked difference.

Aloe Vera
Aloe vera gel instantly calms your skin and soothes it. It gently helps get the tan out. It is recommended for sensitive skin.

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