4 ways to style heritage jewellery


Women and jewellery have always had a strong connection. From inherited family heirlooms, to traditional forms of bridal jewellery, it seems every special occasion and memory asks for a bit of bling. But, let’s face it. The styles of jewellery back then, and trending jewellery fashion today are poles apart – aren’t they? Traditional jewels were heavy, fully gold, and presented ethnic vibes and a flashy look. Today, we search for bright and stylish – statement-worthy jewellery. But, does this mean our heritage jewels are of no use to us? We got in touch with Mr Chaitanya V Cotha, Executive Director at 150 years C Krishniah Chetty Group Of Jewellers to talk about how to style heritage jewellery and this is what they had to say.

The return of heritage jewels
Today, the world of bling is all about experimenting and fusing ideas. And, it’s time to flaunt heritage jewellery. A fusion of old ideas with new workmanship, to result in a statement look. From old to Instagrammable; here are the top 4 ways to style heritage jewellery:

Simple tees and sparkling jewels
Summer is here, and that means all of our basic tees are ready to storm the wardrobe and be our go-to look. With the right jewels, you can put a spin on your regular tee, to make it one worth an entry into glam parties.

Here’s what you should do:

Don your favorite basic plain black tee.

Wear high-waisted white bell-bottoms, or monochrome printed palazzos

Apply pink lip stain with cat eyes (or red lip with smokey eye for a party look)

Finish off with traditional gold pendant, earrings, and a gorgeous peacock bangle.

For those who prefer white to black – there is a way to adopt this heritage trend too.

Wear your favourite white tee.

Don bright-hued jeans or loose pants. Pink, orange, or a deep maroon – everything works.

Tie your hair in a sleek ponytail.

Finish off with a gold bangle and necklace with Lakshmi motifs.

Remain casual with tees, embrace the bright colours trend with neon bottoms, and have the heritage jewellery bring you the glow you need.

The fashion of the roaring 20s
If you are a fan of iconic western fashion, you’d probably know about the roaring 20s.

A time of freewheeling, dancing, and dressing as they wished, the years came with woke western fashion and the flapper style, and redefined apparel.

While the Twenties may have gone, how about we bring the magic back? Whether you are hosting an exquisite party with champagne and oysters, and all things elite, or are going to a Great Gatsby-themed event – you need the right look created with the right heritage jewels.

Here’s a sure way to stun:

Wear a black, one-shoulder, knee-length dress

Put on the highest silver or gold stilettos you have

Tie your hair in a messy bun, and with your bangs open

Complete the look with statement diamond earrings and emerald bangles.

What’s better than one-shoulder? Off-shoulder!

If it’s not too breezy outside, the 20s fashion can be reignited with a light coloured printed dress with a creative spin – traditional jewels.

Wear a gorgeous tikka and multi-coloured kundan ring with a matching neckpiece, and you will definitely be a sight for sore eyes.

Flowy dresses with statement pieces
Summer just doesn’t bring tees; it also brings beaches and pool parties. That means midi summer dresses and flowy frocks may just become your favourite apparel to beat the heat while stunning.

But what if you’re going to a summer blowout-themed party? Or a rather exquisite pool fiesta? We give you a heritage-spun solution to your dilemma, that will probably make you one of the best dressed people for the evening.

Wear your favourite loose dress:

From frocks to gowns, printed summer dresses to silk tunics, have your pick.

Pair it with a pair of wedges:

If your dress is plain, opt for bright, printed wedges, and vice versa.

Top the look with a traditional necklace that conquers all:

The heritage gold necklace goes with all colours, attires, and dresses, making it the perfect accomplice for a fashionable look.

Once you’re done styling yourself, wear your hair and makeup as you wish; or go for a casual no-makeup look and have the necklace do all the talking for you.

V-necks and boho vibes
When wanting to bring back traditional jewels with a modern, creative spin, it is impossible for boho chic looks to not make the cut.

From printed V-neck dresses to plain ones, knee-length to ankle-length, don your favourite deep necked dress and complete the look with a messy hairdo and an intricate, bright heritage neckpiece.

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