5 best bridal make-up looks to try


If you are getting married this year, we are pretty sure you are spending most of your time on the internet, checking out the best bridal make-up looks. And, you will be glad to know that we have compiled a list of the five best bridal make-up looks of the year and the list includes the best make-up artists and the most gorgeous brides ever!

If you thought bridal make-up is an easy deal, you need a reality check. A make-up artist’s job comprises, making the sure the best features of the bride are brought out and she looks her best ever. While some make-up artists believe in highlighting the natural glow of the bride, others work towards transforming brides.

Here’s a look at the best bridal make-up looks we came across on Instagram.

If you love shimmery eyes and metallic make-up, then you would fall in love with this bride at the first sight. The make-up is traditional with a hint of metallic eyes and a well contoured face. The best way to accentuate your gorgeous features. The make-up is courtesy, celebrity makeup artist Swati Verma.

Like the lovely dewy look, where the skin radiates a certain amount of shine and radiance – well seek inspiration from this bride. Her make-up gives her a dewy skin and an almost moist appearance. This one is done by make-up artist Pakkhi Pahuja.

This bride stuns on her Anand Karaj or the Sikh marriage ceremony. Her make-up focuses on her eyes and lips – both of which are clearly her best features. While the eyes have been accentuated with bronze eyeshadow, the lips are made to stand out with dark pink lip colour – a combination to die for. The make-up is courtesy, make-up artist Shahid Naar.

If you want to go natural on your big day, here’s inspiration in the form of this beautiful bride, who’s made to shine on her big day with bronze lighting, a light lip colour and a red bindi – classic and elegant. What say, ladies? The make-up is by make-up artist Natasha Moor.

If it’s a day wedding, try this beautiful bride’s fresh day look with finger combed hair updo – simple and relatable. The make-up is by Amrit Kaur Artistry.

Tell us which bridal look did you like the most in the comments section below.

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