5 lies about weight loss pills one should never believe


Weight loss, as we all know is a sensitive issue for all. One who embarks on a weight loss journey always has this urge to shed kilos at a lightning speed. But it is known to all that everything takes its own time to happen. However, tall claims made by the companies producing weight loss products make people believe in unrealistic things. The alluring promises made by them never fail to attract people’s attention. In the end, most of the people end up popping pills and living on protein shakes to get into good shape. But the result of taking these supplements are nowhere to be seen. Moreover, having weight loss supplements for the long term can be quite harmful to your health.

Here are some of the common lies about weight loss pills you should stop believing.
1. Lose weight without dieting
You cannot lose weight without watching your diet and that is the ultimate truth. Companies who produce weight loss supplements claim that just by popping weight loss pills, a person can lose weight, which is not possible. To cut down the fat deposition in the body, one needs to create a calorie deficit. Without decreasing your calorie intake, you cannot lose weight, surely not by popping pills. If you want to lose weight in an effective weight then start with making small changes in your kitchen.

2. No need to exercise
Food and exercises are two important things you need to take care of when trying to shed kilos. By missing out on any of the two, you may not be able to see desirable changes in your body weight. So, if you want to shed kilos then shed some sweat. It does not matter what kind of exercise or physical activity you do, but it is important to include it in your schedule. No evidence is available that supports weight loss without the help of working out.

3. Increases your metabolism
This is the most common claim made by the supplement manufacturers to increase the sale of their products. But you should be well aware of the fact that pills cannot increase your metabolism. Even products like green teas cannot help in this. None of these ingredients can help you lose weight permanently.

4. You will feel fuller
Pills cannot make you feel fuller. Your body needs protein, fiber, and fat to fill your stomach and provide you nutrition. Weight loss supplements cannot take their place. The right trick to lose weight is to include healthy and nutritious food, containing fewer calories. Simple swaps in your eating habits can help you attain your weight loss goal in a better way.

5. Changes your body composition
Many supplements promise to change your body composition by suppressing hormones. But very little pieces of evidence are available that proves that weight loss supplements can actually help in changing body composition. Moreover, if it happens it can be quite harmful to your health.

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