6 surprising ways to use a deodorant


Deodorant is one of the most essential skincare products for summer. It helps to deal with underarm sweat, kill bad odour and keep you fresh for hours! But, do you know that deodorant has many alternative uses and can be used on other body parts too? Yes, this humble beauty product can be used in a lot of surprising ways. Read on to know six different ways you can use a deodorant.

Keep your closet fresh: If your closet has a funky smell. You can place a deodorant (uncaped) in the corner to beat bad odour.

Beat under-breast sweat:As the weather gets hot, under-boob sweat becomes a major issue. You can prevent this by applying some product underneath the breasts.

Behind your knees:If you hate the sweat behind the knees during a workout, you can use the spray here to beat this sweaty issue!

Prevent chaffing:Avoid those nasty inner thigh rashes by swiping the deodorant over the inner thighs. This will help to avoid any skin irritation and also keep you dry down there!

Soothe razor burns:
If you have an inflamed razor burn, you can use a deodorant to soothe the irritation.

Remove nail polish: For beauty emergencies, you can spray a bit of deodorant (aerosol ) on your nails to remove the polish. This may take more than one trial, but can be a saviour if you don’t have a polish remover at home.

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