Alia Bhatt’s new workout routine will give you weekend weight loss motivation!


New Delhi: Alia Bhatt is one of the most talked about people when it comes to the Bollywood industry, ever since she made her debut with the Student of the Year. She has won many awards for her performances in different roles in movies like Raazi and got a lot of critical acclaim for her recent role in Gully Boy as well. Her budding relationship with Ranbir Kapoor is also the talk of the B-town.

Alia lost a lot of weight for her debut in Student of the Year and there has been no looking back for the talented actress. She makes sure she sweats it out in the gym regularly and sticks to a strict diet to maintain her weight. Alia’s trainer recently revealed that she is practising a new workout, and it is sure to give you a lot of weight loss motivation.

A post on Instagram showed Alia Bhatt working out rigorously, and her trainers said that she has come a long way from where she started. She has started incorporating new workout and exercises in her routine, and it is surely working very well for her. Here are the exercises you must try from Alia Bhatt’s new routine to get a fit body and lose weight.


Alia Bhatt has reached a level of fitness where she has started to do 300 squats in about 7 minutes and that is a goal in itself. Squats help to tone your leg muscles, including your hamstrings and glutes and helps you lose weight from your legs and thighs. It is very important to pay attention to working out your legs and thighs to make sure your body muscles are toned in proportion.


Planks are difficult, and once someone reaches a point in their fitness where they can hold a plank, it can be considered that they really are fit, and the same holds true for Alia Bhatt. Planks work on your entire body, from the core muscles to the muscles of the legs. Planks can really help in toning your muscles and help in weight loss from the belly.


Alia Bhatt incorporates running in her workout for her cardio. Running is a great workout to burn calories, warm up the body and to get the body ready for a weight training or strength training workout. Running also keeps the heart healthy and keeps the risk of a lot of diseases away.

Push ups and pull ups

Push ups and pull ups again help in toning the body, and getting rid of belly fat. Alia Bhatt practices the two exercises and they help in strengthening her core muscles, leg and arm muscles, and also help in keeping the weight off from the belly and the tummy area, to help her and you flaunt your sleek waistline.

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