All the ways you can play with glitter makeup to ring in 2020


There is a still from the 2019 show Euphoria, where Rue, the character played by Zendaya, stands in profile. She is crying, or about to, but all that strikes you is a sliver of iridescence on her cheekbones. In the right light, it could just be the wet cheek of a troubled 17-year-old struggling with drug addiction. It’s more than just a symbolic tear. The spill of glitter here is almost like armour, like makeup has often been. A little bit of shine when the world grows darker around you.

Glitter has never been looked at like the way we see it in post-Euphoria times. The show about a group of troubled teenagers is dark, and despite its dramatics, often rings true of the concerns that Gen Z and younger generations face. But what it also brought to fame is head makeup artist Donialla Davy’s mastery over makeup (especially glitter) as an effective personality on the show. Each character has their own look, of course, but in Euphoria, their makeup is them wearing their personalities on their sleeves. It’s dramatic, emotional, crazy, sometimes impossible to recreate, and always an integral part of the scene without ever standing out. Davy likens it to a soundtrack, ever present, much needed to build the scene, but never in your face.

The reason why we reference Euphoria so much in an article about makeup is because it’s taught us how to revisit glitter beyond an arts and crafts project—we’re not painting silver tears running down our face like the show’s characters, but we can find a middle ground. Here, we list out all the ways in which you can use glitter to amp up your party season looks.

How to wear glitter for your New Year’s Eve party

To avoid looking like a NYE disco ball, choose one section of your face where you want to shine. Eyelids and cheekbones are the usual suspects. Eyelids are also mostly hidden, so if you’re shy, this is a good place to start. Cheekbones are where you get to pile on strobe highlighters, your favourite shimmer powder, and now, because the time is nigh, a few dabs of glitter.

So you’ve narrowed in on your eyes; the crucial question is what next? Did you know you can update your favourite smoky eye with glitter? Use a matte charcoal black as your base and bring on the glitter with a shimmery grey powder on top. If you want to amp it up even more, take a clear gloss with micro fine sparkles—the MAC Galactic Lip Glass comes to mind— and dot it all across.

Want to keep it quiet? How about jewel-toned metallic pencil liners? Brown eyes look best paired with blues, and Marc Jacobs has an outstanding line of shimmery pencils that fit the bill perfectly. Charlotte Tilbury’s Colour Chameleon range doubles up as eyeshadow too.

The glitter cat eye is a favourite among those fond of a vintage vibe. Using a liquid liner, like the Kiko Milano Glitter Eyeliner in Silver, you can draw out your flick to add some cool glamour. Else, you can stack on a silver or gold liner above your black liner.

And just when you thought you couldn’t carry this off in daylight, here comes a little shimmer made just for that—use the Burberry shimmer dust and place little sequins at the outer corners of your eyes, or try glitter mascara like the Marc Jacobs Lame Noir Ultra Glittering mascara—a little touch of shine, but never over the top.

Highlighters have changed the game—with strobe cream, pots of shimmering powder and sticks of rose gold sunsets creating a smorgasbord of shine to play with. They look great on almost everyone, and there is a wide range colours to match skin tones with. Huda Beauty palettes are almost always fool-proof, and MAC’s Strobe cream is a beautiful moisturiser with iridescent particles that sits beautifully on skin. The latest kid on the block is glitter strobing—a galaxy of large particles of shimmer on the high points of your cheekbones. The best part about splattering glitter across your face is that there are no rules—you can try a more-is-more approach, or just use it as an accent—and that makes it even more fun to play with.

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