All you need to know about Meghalaya’s ‘Bright Mushroom’


For all the mushroom lovers, we have good news! Till date you had heard about Portobello, Button, Shiitake and Porcini varieties, but now onwards you need to add another one to your list called ‘Bright Mushroom.’

Well, coming straight to the point, scientists have discovered a new variety of mushroom and is called ‘glowing’ mushrooms. Recently, a group of scientists from India and China have discovered this variety of mushroom is grown in Meghalaya and comes to life through a phenomenon of a living organism producing or emitting light of its own, called ‘bioluminescence’.

If we go by the social media buzz, this new variety of mushrooms was found in the East Khasi hills in Meghalaya, after local people started mentioning about ‘electric mushrooms’ being spotted in the area.

According to experts, this is the first time that such a mushroom species has been discovered in India.

The official research paper published by the team of scientists says that bioluminescent organisms are mainly found in the ocean but in rare cases are also found on land.

The light emitted by these mushrooms depends upon their chemical properties. This variety of mushroom discovered in India emits a greenish light, and has been scientifically named as Roridomyces phyllostachydis.

As per the latest report, scientists are yet to figure out why these mushrooms glow. It is also being predicted that India could be home to many more such mushroom varieties, which are yet to be discovered.

Have you ever noticed any such unique breed of any natural eatable? Let us know in the comment section.

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