Anushka Sharma shares her simple hack for glowing make-up!


Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma never fails to impress us with her make-up looks. Be it red-carpet events or wedding celebrations, her skin is always glowing. The actress recently shared a secret behind her glowing make-up with her latest post. Anushka took to Instagram and shared a throwback video with her make-up artist.

In the video, she is seen getting a facial massage by Sandhya Shekar. “#Throwback to the time when someone touching your face was relaxing. @sandhyashekar doing her customary massages before she starts make-up,” she captioned her video. Wondering how a facial massage can do wonders?

While experts swear by moisturiser and serums to prep the skin before make-up, this new step can actually do give your skin a natural glow. A massage on the face can help to stimulate the skin. By massaging your face in circulation or upwards motions, your skin gets a natural glow, just like the one you get after a workout session.

And, not just the flush, a massage can also help to reduce puffiness and activate your skin, making it look brighter. You can use a bit of oil to give yourself a massage before applying the make-up. This especially works to brighten up the eye area. The best way to massage is with fingers, as they are warmer than any tool.

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