Arjun Kapoor’s sliders to Ranveer Singh’s loafers: 5 shoes Bollywood stars swear by


Footwear lets your style and your individuality communicate better than almost anything else in your wardrobe. And, a man’s wardrobe is incomplete without a good pair of shoes. A man and his outfit are entirely assessed by the choice of shoes he chose to wear. So, what are you wearing to drift yourself through spring-summer style footwear trends this year? Well, we took a look at Bollywood stars and curated some cool summer shoe styles for you with help from Ambud Sharma, Founder and CEO Ligo Group of Escaro Royale, which specialises in handcrafted shoes.

Boat shoes: Some shoes attract odour more than others, and once you have got the odour, it won’t go away easily. All that heat in an enclosed shoe is bound to result in sweating, but sometimes, even sandals get smelly. So, to prevent sweat and smell from the feet, men can go for slips-on, loafers or boat shoes for a breezy summer.

Choose sandals over flip flops: In summer, wearing a full open-toe sandal will minimise pressure on your bunions and won’t cause the toes to suffocate together, allowing them to move freely and comfortably. Also, they are suitable for long-distance walking in summer.

Flexible shoe sole: Don’t forget to turn your attention to the softness of the leather and a flexible shoe sole. Flexible means the ability to bend, which holds utmost importance in summer. Always do the ‘bending’ test (i.e. bend the heel and the toe area towards one another). If the soles take a V form, then the shoes have exemplary flexibility.

Pick up loafers: Loafers provide the best summer look that can work with both casual and business-appropriate apparel. This makes it one of the most adaptable shoes in the summer collection and a must-have shoe for men.

Espadrilles: A flat and flexible shoe, they are usually made from canvas or cotton upper with a defining sole making it a perfect go-to summer footwear. Also, it is one of the most comfortable, lightweight and durable summer footwear enough to bust out even in the thickest heat, giving that super-casual silhouette look.

Perforated shoes: Choosing shoes with sufficient room and pores are ideal for hot summer days. It provides not only much needed ventilation but also gives considerate airflow, thus making your foot less sweaty and airy.

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