Ayushmann Khurrana wore a tracksuit worth INR 1.5 lakh last summer and we are still sweating out at the price


He’s one of the most gifted actors from the current lot that’s ruling Bollywood and we love everything about Ayushmann Khurrana. Well, it’s just not his acting skills that make his so popular but also his quirky style that makes him so cool. And today, we are having a throwback of sorts to share a look flaunted by the actor that we absolutely loved and hey, don’t miss the price tag!

The actor shot for the cover of a leading me’s magazine last year and the outfit he picked up for the shoot left his fans rather shocked, thanks to the price-tag.

Shot on top of an Audi car, Ayushmann’s pictures has him rocking Gucci from top to toe and boy, Gucci does come at a whopping price.

The actor wore a white shirt, a yellow sweater, a bomber jacket, track-pants and shoes – all by Gucci, but it’s the price of the bomber tracksuit that left us shocked, so much so that we are still discussing it.

Ayushmann wore Gucci’s famous over-sized nylon jacket with green as its base, he teamed up the bomber with matching track-pants or joggers.

The jacket features an emblematic logo, the famous felt Interlocking G patch. Crafted in lightweight nylon, the shell suit evolves from its late ’80s and early ’90s origins and is re-imagined into contemporary designs throughout Gucci’s collections.

Now, coming to the price of the set- together it costs INR 1,66,000 approximately.

The actor teamed up the tracksuit with Gucci’s leather lace-up shoes with web. These sneakers in white leather are trimmed with a green and orange web stripe and feature the vintage Gucci logo. They cost INR 52,000 approximately.

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