Biryani and pizza top charts as the most ordered dishes on New Year’s Eve in India


This New Year’s Eve, food-delivery aggregators played a crucial role in helping people celebrate. Due to the curfew and strict timelines, and of course the fear of COVID-19, many stayed put at home, and decided to opt for food delivery at home. On New Year’s Eve, food delivery orders across the country skyrocketed and aggregators point out that the magnitude of orders was unprecedented. Deepinder Goyal, founder, Zomato, tweeted on New Year’s Eve, “Our order velocity right now is the highest we have seen in our life so far… Surpassed India vs Pakistan day opm (order per minute)… I hope our tech lives through this (sic).” A Swiggy spokesperson says, “On New Year’s Eve, our most ordered items were biryani, pizza and dessert. Starters were also quite popular.”

Swapna Pandey, who works in a publication house, says, “In the last few months, ordering food online became as ingrained a habit as we worked from home. Even as we decided to order online, it didn’t feel festive, so we ordered starters, too.”

Many chose to order from multiple places to get that festive feel. Anvesh K, an illustrator, says, “If we would have gone out, we would not have gone to two-three places on New Year’s Eve, but as we stayed back, we ordered starters, main course and desserts from different places just for that festive feel.”

Most ordered items of 2020

Not just on New Year’s Eve, but since the lockdown, online orders have been gradually going up. As per Swiggy, “Some form of biryani was ordered more than once every second in 2020”. Zomato stats revealed that biryani was ordered 20,00,000 times in 2020 in India. It also said that in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, 2.5 million momos were ordered in 2020.

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