Blueberry, coffee, mango, pistachio and more: Puneri home chefs offer chocolate modak in interesting flavours


While the taste and flavour of the good old ukdichi modak is timeless, food lovers are always excited to try on new flavour in modak. Over the past few years, modak in chocolate flavours has been a rage among Puneris during Ganeshotsav.

Heena Khiani, a home chef and entrepreneur from Kharadi has an array of varieties to offer. Keeping with changing tastes of gastronoms, Heena, who owns HK Chocolatiers, has been making modaks for those who like to experiment with flavour and try out new varieties of modak.

“Currently we are selling blueberry, mango, gulkand, coffee, coconut, and pistachio modaks. Made with a mix of white chocolate, mawa, milk powder and cocoa powder, the flavours are created using fresh ingredients. For example, for mango modaks, dried mango slices are used. Similarly, I use sun-dried fresh blueberries for blueberry modaks. For the coconut filling, I scrape fresh coconut and mix with mawa. We also have sugar-free varieties of modaks for those counting calories,” says Heena. Heena’s modak is price at Rs 30 each.

Chocolate lovers will be spoilt for choice as another home chefs from the city is offering varieties of chocolate modak. Najhat Shaikh, a home chef, who makes 15 varieties of chocolate modaks every year, says blueberry and hazelnut with coconut filling are selling like hotcakes this year.

“This year, more and more people are ordering blueberry modak made with white/dark chocolate with coconut filling. The combination of dark chocolate and blueberry is very sinful. However, many are drooling over blueberry modak with actual blueberry pulp as filling,” adds Najhat from Pune. Blueberries which are known as superfoods and have immunity-boosting properties are used in crushed/pulp form with chocolate for the flavour and blue colour. Each modak is priced at Rs 15 each.

Talking about the other popular variant of modak – hazelnut – Najhat, says, “Hazelnut has a great taste and a pleasant smell which complement white chocolate and coconut filling, another best-selling item that I make for Ganeshotsav.”

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