Celebrate Raksha Bandhan without gaining weight


In India festivals are not just another reason to celebrate, but are also a part of our rich culture, tradition and emotions woven into a feeling of exuberance and togetherness.

One such festival that celebrates the nostalgia of one of the most pure bonds of love is Raksha Bandhan, which is all about unconditional love.

From little arguments to mindless fights to a commitment of happiness, this bond is a celebration of a lifetime. Over the years, there has been a shift in how we celebrate rakhi, but one thing that has been constant is the ritual and sharing of sweets.

Well, in India occasions are incomplete without good food, especially sweets, but from the past few years there has been a shift from traditional sweets to chocolates and savouries due to the health consciousness of people.

From jalebi to kheer to kaju katli to samosas, the essence of Indian festivals are incomplete without rich and scrumptious food. Though we all love indulging in such amazing delicacies, the guilt haunts and sinks in from the very next day as you start feeling bad and look for ways to cut down on the excess fat.

If you too feel the same after every festival, then we have some simple tips to make you enjoy the good time with delicious food that too without gaining food. Read on to know more about it.

Stay hydrated

Festivals are all about good food and we all love indulging in them and we often forget to drink enough water to stay hydrated, this actually leads to accumulation of fats and can cause bloating. Hence, the best way to stay healthy is by increasing the fluid intake and drinking more water. This keeps the body hydrated and helps in easy digestion and stops acid reflux. However, drinking water right after eating is not a healthy practice.

Go gluten free

Gluten or in simple words anything that has wheat and its extracts. With people becoming more health conscious, the demand for gluten free foods have increased, and avoiding foods with high gluten content can help you lose weight. Moreover, the best way to do that is by replacing wheat flour with oats or any other millet flour.

No sugar

The best way to indulge in sweet during rakhi is by preparing them at home as it helps you control the portion as well as the quality of ingredients. Another way to make your sweet indulgence better is by replacing your regular sugar with stevia.

Cooking method

No wonder, how much health conscious you are, you just can’t leave good food during festivals. So, the best way to deal with this is by tweaking the method of cooking. It’s better that you change the way of cooking as there are a few healthy ways of making the same delicacies but in a healthy way. So, it’s better to bake, grill or air fry and ditch the regular deep frying process, which can certainly reduce the calorie content of the food and make it way more healthy.

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