‘Cloud bread’ is the fluffy, new food trend


The lockdown and after, has whipped up a culinary storm – from picking up new recipes to watching new trends appear. Remember Dalgona coffee and those pretty ‘veggie gardens’. And now, foodies seem to have whipped up another delightful trend – one that looks absolutely cute, and well, it might change how you eat your breakfast! It’s the trend of ‘cloud bread’. Read like its name – the bread is cloud-like and puffy, but it’s not just blue, it comes in different pop-candy colours. Ever since the food trend appeared online, it has gone viral with the hashtag #cloudbread garnering 35 K posts and counting!

The recipe doesn’t need any fancy prep – just four ingredients. You basically beat egg whites, add some sugar and cornflour and bake it. Add the food colouring to give it a fun look. The bread rises and looks just like a pretty cloud. Folks have been posting videos and photos of their results of making it. One user who goes by the handle stickaforkinme posted: ‘The newest viral trend is #CLOUDBREAD which isn’t really bread at all, and so far I think I’m the only person who truly LOVES it. It’s definitely eggy, but I love eggs. I tried this recipe a couple of different ways and liked it best with almond flavouring.’ She also shared a recipe. Another user said it tasted like a ‘sweet scrambled egg’.

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