Delhi people loot mangoes worth Rs. 30000 amid lockdown


While the world is dealing with the global pandemic and people are trying to overcome the crisis, a ghastly incident took place in Jagatpuri area of north Delhi that left many of us questioning the basic morals of life.

The incident took place on Wednesday, when a fruit seller left his cart alone for a while and within a few minutes he suffered a loss of Rs 30000, as dozens of people looted crates of mangoes.

A video of the incident went viral and is being widely shared across social media platforms. It is believed that the video was shot by a passerby in the locality.

According to media reports, the fruit seller identified as Chhote was away from his cart because a group of people had asked him to move his fruit cart. By the time he reached the cart, some passersby noticed the mangoes lying unattended and decided to take away and within a few minutes nearby auto drivers, rickshaw pullers and hawkers robbed whatever they could.

As per the viral video some people can be seen filling their helmets with the mangoes too.

In a statement to media, Chhote mentioned that there were 15 carts of mangoes worth Rs 30,000. He also mentioned that business is already badly hit during lockdown, this incident has dealt a blow on him.

In this time of crisis, when people are meant to be kind to each other, this inhuman behaviour of crowd left netizens angry. On Twitter, a user reacted, “It’s shameful, people have lost basic humanity too.”

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