DIY bangs: Lockdown fringe is here to stay


While social distancing, most people grappled with dishevelled hair, split ends, fading colour and mood swings. As emotions ran high, impulsive decisions (see, fringes) ensued. Drawing inspiration from Bella Hadid (who flaunted her self-cut bangs), Camila Cabello (who enlisted her mom to do her bangs) and a legion of ‘bangs-at-home-fail’ videos, a lot of us reached out for scissors. 22-year-old Christine Thomas, who cut her own bangs, told an American publication, “I was complaining to my friend that I was bored with my hair, and I kept seeing tutorials on TikTok about how to get natural, nice-looking bangs… and so I just did it.” You’re not alone, Christine.

Some snip-savvy girls on TikTok and YouTube may have inspired you to cut your own fringes, but most experts suggest that you sleep on the idea. If the urge doesn’t go, and you’re ready to take the plunge, here are some pro tips:

On-screen looks sparking runway trends is not unheard of (see, The Rachel). However, as tons of women attempt to perfect Mariann’s (AKA Daisy Edgar-Jones) bangs and post pictures of their new haircut on social media, internet has found its new obsession. Marianne from ‘Normal People’ – an adaptation of Sally Rooney’s novel – has an Instagram account set up in honour of her bangs. “All hail the bangs of Marianne,” reads its bio.

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