DIY hydrating facial mists for your skin this winter


Face mists or facial sprays are having their moment in the sun, alright. Hollywood loves it. Cindy Crawford is reported to milk with water for a hydrating facial spray, Kim Kardashian has an SPF-infused one and Kylie Jenner is said to use a spritz to make her make-up look better. Back home, the stars love it, too – Amy Jackson is a fan of the facial mist and Ananya Panday has a bottle of fresh rose water that she sprays on her face to stay fresh. With the season set to leave the skin drier, perhaps you might want to make one, too?

Here’s why facial mists help

Make your own mist to spritz on the face

1) Rose water spray

You will need:

Glycerin – 2 tbsp

Rose water – 60 ml

(can add an essential oil like ylang-ylang or lavender or whatever suits you)

Lime juice – ½ tsp

Juice of one cucumber


Mix the ingredients well and pour this into a small airtight spray bottle. Use whenever you need it.

2) Aloe Vera refresher

You will need:

Juice of 1 cucumber (small)

Water – ¼ cup

Aloe vera – 1 tsp

Witch hazel – ½ tsp

Spray bottle


Mix the cucumber juice with the aloe vera and witch hazel. Transfer it to the airtight bottle and it’s ready to use.

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