Do THIS 5-minute yoga sequence of asanas every day to stay fit and get freedom from diseases


New Delhi: 15th August 2019 is being celebrated as the 73rd Independence Day in India. While we did get freedom from the British rule 73 years ago, the country has come a long way, but continues to struggle with various other problems that it is seeking freedom from – and one of them is health issues. Various serious health problems like obesity and diabetes continue to affect millions of people in the country. Mental health issues of depression and anxiety are also on the rise, especially among the youth of the country.

The exercise to gain freedom from ill health and diseases and the endeavour to achieve a fit body are not as difficult as we perceive it to be. Just a few lifestyle changes, healthy eating, and regular exercise can help you in the short and the long run. Yoga is a wholesome workout that not only helps to move your body and get physically fit but also helps reduce stress, which helps in being healthy. Yoga is also meditative and can help fight mental health issues. If you want freedom from health issues and are aspiring for a fit body, this 5-minute yoga sequence can help you achieve your goals.

5-minute yoga sequence of asanas that can help you become fit

To begin with, bring your body into a table-top position. The first pose in the sequence is the cat pose. To perform the cat pose, while inhaling, round your spine towards the ceiling, and keep your shoulders and knees in the right position. You can drop your head to the floor, but do not bury your chin in your chest. Go back to the table-top position while exhaling. Do a few reps.

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From the cat’s pose, you need to transition into the child’s pose. To go to the child’s pose from the table-top position, drop your hips to your ankles, and move your hands forward. Press your forehead on the floor and your stomach against your thighs. To go to child’s pose directly from the cat pose, just push your body back, and crawl your palm a little less far from your thighs.

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Exhale to go back to the table-top position.

From the child’s pose, transition into the third pose of the routine which is the cow’s pose. For this pose, lift your shoulders and chest towards the ceiling, while breathing in, and drop your belly towards the ground, at the same time. Exhale to return to the starting position. Do a few reps, as convenient.

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For the next pose, transition into the downward dog pose from the table-top position. To give a twist to the asana, you can bend your knees and be on your toes. Relaxing one knee at a time, you can do a pedalling motion with your legs to give them an extra move during the yoga asana. Return to the table-top position from the downward-facing dog, and do as many reps as convenient.

To end the routine, you can go into a normal forward bend position from the downward dog by bringing your feet and arms closer. While breathing in, lift your body to stand straight, and bring your arms above your head to join them, and while exhaling, bring them to your sides to end the routine.

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