Do you snore at night? Foods you must avoid


As you grow old in life, you realise that sleep is way more precious than anything else! You must have come across this amazing quote so many times, but you realise the importance of this only after you come back exhausted after a long-day. There’s nothing as comforting as a peaceful night’s sleep, but what if your partner snores and ruins your sound sleep experience, we are sure you will be pissed off.

Snoring is a health condition, which most people feel cannot be cured easily. So, in most cases they either learn to live with it or go for several forms of treatment, but what if we tell you the foods that you eat can also lead to snoring, sounds strange, but it’s true!

As they say you are what you eat, and this phrase is absolutely right as it impacts your health, your mental health and even your sleep. In fact, it might sound like a small thing, but can actually take a toll on your overall health. Read on to know how the food we eat can actually lead to snoring and how you can treat it, just by tweaking your diet. However, snoring can be an indicator of several diseases and needs medical attention.

What is snoring?

Snoring is a health condition, which happens due to the airflow that vibrates the loose tissues in our throat. It depends on the various stages of a sleep cycle and varies from an individual to another individual. During these stages, the tissues and muscles in our throats are so loose that our nasal passages get constricted. That’s when we start to produce wheezing, and hoarse sounds that annoy the people around us.

Food that lead to snoring
There can be several reasons that can lead to this health condition, but it can certainly worsen the condition. Some foods can often loosen the throat muscles, which cause this condition and some can create inflammation and increase mucus production. Hence, what you eat can actually decide your health condition.

Foods to Avoid Before Bed

If you want to stay healthy, avoiding wheat is the best possible thing to start with! Processed wheat flour isn’t good for health as it causes inflammation and boost the molecules that cause mucus production,which further restricts your nasal passage and leads to snoring.

We all know that sugar is not good for health, but did you know that drinking sugary drinks or eating sugary foods at night can be the main reason for your loud snores. Well, it’s true that processed sugar can worsen the throat tissues and cause snoring as it increases the natural production of phlegm and restricts your nasal passages. It further increases the production of cytokines which leads to inflammation. Hence, avoiding it is the best resort to avoid snoring.

High-Fat Meat
Meats are high in fats as well as protein that lead to inflammation and increase the levels of saturated fats, which further leads to snoring. Hence, opting for low fat and lean meats is the way to stay healthy and reduce snoring.


Drinking milk before sleeping is an age-old practice, but did you know dairy products can actually aggravate your snoring. This is because drinking milk before sleep can increase production of mucus in the body, which increases snoring.


Another common myth that drinking helps in relaxing nerves and promotes sound sleep. Well, as we said this is a myth and rather it leads to losing muscles, which increases snoring and is not a healthy practice, if you suffer from this health condition.

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