Dull skin? This skin brightening treatment has no side effects!


New Delhi: Our skin is the largest sense organ, and also plays a very important role in our appearance. All of us aim for clear, smooth and bright skin. However, given our lifestyle choices like eating habits, drinking water, etc and environmental factors like pollution and hot weather, our skin can end up looking dry and dull. Stress, which is one of the most common problems among urban people can also adversely affect the skin.

Changing these factors and preventing skin damage due to them is very important to get radiant, glowy skin. At the same time, various treatments are also available in the medical field, which can help you attain the bright, clear and radiant skin you have been aiming for. Here is what you should know about such treatments.

Skin Brightening Vs. Skin Whitening

Skin brightening is one of the most innovative treatments in today’s time and age. It is very different from Skin Whitening. When we talk about brightening it means to get your skin back to the natural colour it had. Whereas, Skin Whitening means you become three tones whiter than your natural skin tone. We need to know that we are born with natural colour of skin. But, because of environmental factors such as pollution and also stress our skin tans and loses its original colour. So with the brightening treatment, you get back your original colour.

What Is The Process?

For skin brightening, medical professionals follow a US/FDA approved skin brightening system, which is a three-step system. The first step is an essential peel, that takes care of the darkening and removes the tan, evens out the pigmentation. So once the peel is done, depending on the patient, there are two options – a peel or a laser, to even out the skin tone. Once the upper layer of the skin is removed, then we have the second layer of the skin to work on.

The Second layer is important as that is the area where all the blood supply is, and where all the nutrition has to go to actually have an effect and reflect on the outer layer. For the second layer, a US FDA approved skin brightening system is used. It contains essential minerals, vitamins which are infused into this skin layer. It is a painless and a relaxing procedure, and this is called as a non-needle mesotherapy. It is a very long-lasting treatment. The results start to show up after a period of three to four days, as that is the time the nutrition takes to show its effect.

This is then sealed with a final pack, and sunscreen is applied later giving it the necessary UV rays protection, and the patient is then free to go home, with there being no downtime given. It is a very relaxing procedure and has zero risks involved.

Who Should Get This Done?

Anyone who has dull skin and wants to work on their skin health can get the procedure done. People preparing for special occasions like their wedding can also go for the procedure. Brightening treatment can work like magic on your skin and has no side effects.

(Disclaimer: The author, Dr Prerna Taneja, Oral cancer specialist/LASER specialist/Medical Cosmetologist, is a guest contributor and a part of our medical expert panel. Views expressed are personal)

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