Easy tips to air-dry your hair quickly when you’re in a rush


Most people recommend to air-dry your hair instead of using heating tools. But air-drying your hair doesn’t work in your favour if you’re in a rush and have thick hair that could take hours to dry. Damp hair for a long time can cause frizz and limpness for which you might end up needing heating tools. So if you don’t want to get stuck in that cycle, here are some tips that can help.

– Avoid skipping conditioner: Tying up wet hair or using a towel can pull the hair from the roots and lead to hair fall and breakage. If you wish to avoid that, condition your hair well post shampooing. The conditioner closes the cuticles and creates a layer. It coats your hair to protect and reduce frizz as well. Always remember to comb through when conditioning your hair for even application and better results.

– Use cold water: Make sure you wash your hair with cold water. Warm water opens up the hair cuticles which can then be conditioned for better absorption. Always rinse off your conditioner with cold water to seal the cuticles and have glossier hair. Take at least 30-40 seconds to get all the product out of your hair. Remove excess water and towel-dry your hair 70-80%. You can then use products like leave-in conditioners to detangle and comb your hair.

– Get out of the shower sooner: Don’t keep hanging out in your humid bathroom while your hair dries. The dampness will only make your hair more prone to frizz. It will then take longer for your hair to dry out. Get out to a warm and dry room to make it a quick process.

– Switch to microfibre towels: People are generally used to thick towels and end up scrubbing the hair. Use a microfibre towel or a t-shirt instead. Both these materials are softer and will soak up a lot more water than a regular towel. This speeds up the process without damaging your hair or causing any frizz. Use a tapping motion instead of rubbing your hair when using a towel. Using a tissue paper to wring excess water also helps kickstart the process of drying your hair without adding any frizz.

– Spritz some mousse on your strands: Hit the hair with mousse once your hair is damp. The alcohol in this product helps the hair air-dry quicker. This product also stops the hair from puffing up or getting frizzy while it dries. Once you’ve added hair product, make sure you keep your hands off and resist the urge to touch it as it can easily make your hair oily.

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