Eating meals early can help in weight loss


The desire to stay in shape is an universal dream, and what makes it even more important is our fast paced life. In fact, a healthy body and a sane mind is something that we all need to stay abreast with the challenges of urban life.

According to a recent study, eating all your meals earlier in the day helps in suppressing food cravings, thereby promoting weight loss. In fact, eating a healthy and wholesome diet, early in the day can help your body to derive all the essential nutrients and still help you manage weight. A simple way to manage this is by going for an intermittent fasting.

One of the most popular diets, this term intermittent is used to describe the eating patterns in which one needs to fast for as good as 8-12 hours, which gives the body ample time to digest the food and restore the nutrients. In fact, eating early also helps in reducing obesity. As per a few studies, it has been observed that early time-restricted feeding helps in curbing appetite and promote fat burning.

It has also been established by a few studies that eating after long intervals make it pretty sustainable to lose weight. However, intermittent fasting much like other fad diets must be started only after seeking medical advice as it can also lead to too much bloating and acidic formation and dehydration.

Moreover, this form of diet can be unhealthy for people suffering from high blood pressure, cancer or gastro intestinal issues. Another amazing thing about this diet is that it does not restricts one on what they eat, but it restrict the time and intervals in which they eat. In fact, the best thing about this diet is that you must eat all meals early, so that you body gets enough time to process it and extract all the essential elements, this helps in managing weight in a sustainable way. But too much of anything can be harmful, thus seeking a medical advise is the right way to go about it!

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