Egyptian artist creates celebrity paintings using cooking salt


Cooking is an art, but have you ever imagined an art created from a common kitchen ingredient such as salt? Hany Genedy, an Egyptian artist has crafted celebrity paintings using salt, one of the quintessence of our day-to-day indulgence. His excellence made netizens go gaga over his unique and unusual form of art.

His extraordinary art with white salt on black surfaces left netizens astonished. The 24-year-old Egyptian artist hails from Sharqia, a province of Nile Delta. The Egyptian artist has beautifully put together various colours of salt at his home studio, wherein he creates his brilliant art pieces made of salt. Expressing his art inspiration, Genedy said that he had experimented with leaves and money before trying his hands at cooking salt. He feels salt is unique and in affordable.

Right from painting veteran actor Al Pacino to football sensation Mohammad Salah, his art has recreated the beauty of some of the local Egyptian celebrities as well. What makes his art unique is that only a few artists create paintings using salt and it is believed that preserving these paintings can be tough. However, Genedy shares that he has a secret of retaining these art pieces for years. He further adds, “At first it took me four or five hours to make a picture with salt then I had to erase it, but later I had the idea of looking for a way to preserve these works. After several attempts, I was able to find a way to fix the pictures.”

The artist has already made his mark with his unique creation and plans to establish his name across the globe.

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