Enjoy a clean makeup removal routine with natural products


Instead of picking up products to remove makeup, head to your pantry for natural alternatives. From coconut oil to glycerine and rose water, there are many options, says eco warrior and green entrepreneur Sahar Mansoor, whose personal go-to makeup remover and cleanser is coconut oil. “This all-in-one ingredient is powerful in dislodging makeup and yet it is gentle. It effectively removes makeup and cleanses while refreshing your skin. The oil helps capture and lift away dirt, oil, and makeup without any harsh rubbing,” says Sahar.

Rose water cleansing gel

1 cup rose water

¼ cup aloe vera gel

1 tablespoon glycerine 1 tablespoon coconut oil

How to use:

1. Take this cleanser in clean hands or wipe and massage over your face in circular motion until clean.

2. Rinse with water and pat dry.

– Ashima Sharma, Cosmetic formulator

Castor and Olive oil makeup remover

Combine Castor oil with Olive oil (3:1) and mix it well. Your gentle and effective make-up remover is ready.

– Nishantainidevi, green entrepreneur

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