Food storage hacks to help you through lockdown


With the situation under lockdown due to coronavirus, access to several items, including groceries may not be happening as usual. At times like this, it’s useful to take note of ways to help you store things to keep them fresh for later.

• It’s a good idea wrap the stems or crown of the banana in cling film.

• Do you love guacamole? If you find it’s turning brown too fast, add a layer of warm water on top, which can prevent this from happening.

• Transfer your cereal or oats from a box or carton to an airtight glass jar. Sauces and dressings also do better in mason jars.

• Wrap greens in a damp towel or napkin. You can also store lettuce leaves in a mason jar. • To store root vegetables like beetroots and carrots, first chop the tops off.

• Store herbs by snipping off the ends and separating the discoloured parts. Place them in a resealable bag in the fridge. You can also add herbs to an ice cube tray and pour olive oil over it. Freeze.

• Store grated ginger-garlic paste in the freezer for further use.

• Always keep potatoes and onions separate so that they do not spoil.

• Are your cookies getting stale often? Just place a slice of bread inside the tin. This absorbs the any moisture, keeping the cookies fresh.

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