#FoodFaces: Is your breakfast smiling back at you?


How often you might have seen a smiley face in your coffee courtesy latte art or even a plate of fruit arranged to look like it has eyes and a mouth. This is part of the trend of food art where chefs create faces on a plate using food.

We bet you would love a meal that looks happily at you! That’s bento for you; the fad got a fun upgrade when foodies began to create characters or faces in the bento box with bread, rice balls, egg, seaweed, buns and noodles. The result? A cute lunchbox with the chigiri-pan creations that became Instagram gold. Also popular is ‘wagashi’ or little confections sweets made from red bean paste and rice or wheat flour.

It’s not just the Far East, several bakeries and eateries across the world have taken to the trend of shaping sweet or savouries to resemble cartoon characters.

Try it out
You can also try this at home in order to get kids to eat their breakfast or fruit minus any fuss. Here’s how …

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