From Sonam Kapoor to Kareena Kapoor: How to style your scarf like a Bollywood diva


If you were planning on buying an accessory for your ensembles, but the question of seasonal changes makes you doubt your choice, think again! Not only can scarves be worn throughout the year (of course, it also depends on the kind of fabric used to make it) they can also make a mundane outfit look fabulous. And, all the Bollywood divas swear by this stylish accessory. We got in touch with Vatsala Chopra, Founder of Veave’s Studio and she helped us chart out five ways one can style the scarf and make a statement.

Airport look
Have you ever been so occupied with packing your bags that you forgot to decide what you wanted to wear in flight? If you are tired of rushing to the airport in uncomfortable pants and an oversized top, it’s time to really crush that look by wearing a silk scarf around your neck. Silk is great for all seasons – it functions well as a temperature regulator and wicks away the sweat during summers.

In order to really accentuate the entire look, you may have to pair the scarf with a maxi dress of either the same colour or one that complements each other in the best fashionable way possible.

Traditional X western
If you’re the sort of person who loves to mix and match traditional ensembles with western outfits, this is probably the way to go forward. A cotton kurti goes well with just about any colour of jeans. Although you may have seen more people pair their kurtis with denims, it’s a sort of mix-and-match that may depend on a lot of other things.

For example, a dark tone kurti can go a long way to further accentuating your look. In fact, a traditional scarf or stole such as a multi-coloured scarf can be centered behind your neck and bring both ends forward. Let one end dangle, and rakishly toss the other end over the opposite shoulder.

The perfect travel look
It’s no secret that female travellers love their scarves. In fact, when a garment stays true to “maximised fashion statement with minimised luggage”, it’s a clear winner. Convertible styles in scarves help elevate scarves from an accessory to a full-on layer of its own. We adore the cozy, oversized piece above and how easily it can switch between scarf and outer layer.

A classic plaid always works for the colder months. Finish it off with skinny jeans and boots for a fall-perfect getup. It’s one of the easiest ways to wear a scarf.

Use it like a headscarf

There are tons of celebrities, not just in India, who love to wear their scarves as a headscarf. From retro to boho, there are a million different looks that you can create with a scarf, and many styles either help keep your hair out of your face or add a little perk to your bangs. Although it can be frustrating to figure out a good wrap on your own, an easy way to figure it out is to keep a lookout for headscarf styles designed by celebrities themselves. Besides that wearing a stole as a headscarf can protect you from the chilly temperatures and harsh winds.

For long awaited outdoor meet

An elegant wrap scarf will take you from casual to classy with ease. You can wear them around your neck as you go out for a meet-up during the day and then wrap around your cocktail dress as a way to stay warm throughout the day.

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