Fruits or nuts? What will be better for weight loss?


When planning an ideal diet for weight loss, it is important to include both nuts and fruits. Both have their own benefits and are excellent to curb small hunger between meals. They are nutritious, contain lots of fiber and have numerous health benefits. But if you have to choose one out of the two, what should be your choice?

Some studies suggest that nuts contain an appetite-suppressing ingredient, which helps you feel fuller for a longer time. Others suggest that fruits like banana and papaya are good to shed unwanted fat from the body. With so much information available on the internet, it is obvious to get confused. Let’s find out what should be your first choice if weight loss is your ultimate goal.

The distinguishing quality:
FruitsFruits: Fruits are packed with fiber and are natural sweeteners. They release sugar slowly into the bloodstream and do not spike the blood sugar level, which is linked to a high risk of diabetes.

NutsNutsNuts: Rich in poly- and monounsaturated fats, nuts are considered excellent food when trying to maintain a healthy weight. A handful of nuts reduce levels of bad cholesterol, which is even good for heart health.

Things to know:
FruitsFruits: If you choose to have fruit juice instead of whole fruit, it might not be a good idea. A glass of orange juice has 21 grams of sugar and contains no fiber. The sugar content in the juice spikes the blood sugar level that leads to insulin resistance or weight gain.

NutsNutsNuts: When we talk about nuts, you will be surprised to know that 100 g of almonds contains 580 kcal. The amount of calories is double in a normal cheeseburger and the fat content is almost four times. So, in that way almond is a better option.

Other benefits:
Fruits:Fruits such as watermelon and muskmelon have high levels of water and keep your hydrated. Various fruits are also packed with antioxidants, which is beneficial for overall health. Fructose in fruits doesn’t raise levels of appetite-suppressing hormones.

NutsNutsNuts: Almonds, walnuts, and cashews are considered best nuts for weight loss even though they contain a little high amount of calories. As per science, nuts prevent mindless snacking and reduce calorie intake by 59 percent. Pistachios even support digestion, reduce bad LDL cholesterol, which is beneficial when trying to shed kilos.

The verdict
It cannot be denied that natural sugar present in fruits helps to prevent the craving for sugary items. It also contains fiber, which is good for an easy bowel movement. But they’re no match for the healthy fats present in nuts. Nuts curb the craving for unhealthy food items, supporting muscle growth and is also good for heart health.

But always remember that none of these are going to help you lose weight quickly. Including these two in your diet will ensure that you lose weight in a healthy way.

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