Get rid of dry skin, follow these fail-safe tips


Dry skin is unavoidable for most during winter. Doctors say that the main cause is the inability of the skin to retain sufficient moisture and this type of skin is prone to rashes, dermatitis, bacterial infections, discoloration and eczema.

Experts say that apart from age and the environment we live in, there is another factor that leads to dry skin. Dr Rinky Kapoor, consultant dermatologist, and dermato-surgeon, says, “Frequent use of sanitizing products, soaps chemical cleansers, hot water baths, inadequate moisturizing, and hand washes leads to dry skin. It could also be due to factors like genetics, family history, and medical conditions such as atomic dermatitis, hypothyroidism, diabetes, kidney, and liver diseases, psoriasis. Medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and allergy can also cause the loss of moisture from the skin leading to a taut and tight feeling on the surface.”

She shares some tips to deal with dry skin…


Itchy dry skin can get a lot of relief from an oatmeal bath or baking soda bath. Stir chopped oatmeal into warm water for preparing the bath.

Use virgin cold-pressed coconut oil as it is rich in saturated fatty acids that can hydrate and smooth the skin without clogging the pores.

Include foods like blueberries, tomatoes, carrots, beans, peas and lentils in your daily diet.

Use sunflower seed oil as a night time moisturizer.

A diet that includes milk can improve dry skin. Also, use raw milk as a toner for dry skin.

Apply a mix of honey and turmeric and help relive the dry skin and itching.

“It is important to identify and analyse your skin type and troubleshoot the dry skin problem before you change your skin care products. Observe how your skin responds to a product rather than just going by the advertisements.The right combination of the skin care products can protect the skin from dryness and give you the radiant glowing look forever,” says Dr Kapoor.

She says that little changes in the products that you use and the way you use them can help easily get rid of dry skin:

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