Get your beauty slangs on fleek


If you’ve mastered the art of the winged eye liner look, then why not highlight your vocabulary too? Now that you’re walking the talk, it’s time to talk the walk. And for the au naturel advocates, here’s your chance to feel as if you’re not living under a rock, in case, you come across these beauty terms…

Laid: This has got nothing to do with sex. It refers to having every strand of one’s hair straightened to perfection. For eg: Who did your hair for the party? It was absolutely laid!

HG: It’s an acronym for Holy Grail, referring to one’s holy grail beauty product.

Garage doors: It means when you wear a single shade of eye shadow from your eyes all the way up to your brows. Honestly, this is so ’80s that it should be limited to that era.

Hitting the pan: We’re not suggesting you indulge in some kitchen rage. This refers to using your shadow/blush so much that you use it until you reach the end of the container and ‘are hitting the pan’.

The beatdown or beat face: This is not related to domestic violence. On the contrary, it means flawless make-up, thanks to which your face looks perfect from every angle. For eg: Come over to my place before your date. I’m gonna give you a beat face.

Dupes: Products that are similar to the original, but are available at a cheaper price.

LOTD/FOTD: LOTD isn’t a typo (you LOTR fans!), it stands for ‘Look of the day’, Similarly, FOTD stands for ‘Face of the day’.

Giving life: Who says only mothers are capable of giving life? It also means when your make-up is so good that it’s giving your life a new meaning.

Non-touring: This means deciding not to contour. The concept was handed down to her fans by Kim Kardashian West. She announced that she no longer cared for contouring.

(Kim Kardashian West)

Haul: When you dump your new beauty products out of a beauty bag, accompanied by a show-and-tell. This is usually done by beauty vloggers.


On Fleek: To be on point or perfect. The term is generally used when sporting perfect winged eyeliner.


Serving face: This one isn’t related to tennis. In the beauty world, it means to pose intensely for a selfie by raising your eyebrows or pouting.


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