Goan foodies get creative with jackfruit


From jackfruit milkshake to jackfruit biryani to bhajias, Goan foodies have been experimenting with jackfruit in their food, and how! Yolanda from Siolim says, “Since jackfruit is a popular vegan meat substitute, I attempted to make a savoury dish using Goan garam masala spice, grated jaggery and a splash of Goan coconut vinegar. I also added the boiled seeds for the nutty texture. With the ripe pods I made a cardamom infused coconut milk breakfast smoothie with a sprinkling of Goan coconut jaggery.”

Sweta Gad from Goan Ranchikud uses jackfruit seeds and raw jackfruit to make a bhaji. Mahima Shiroor from Kitchen Frame has been using jackfruit in breakfast recipes like jackfruit idli, jackfruit bhakri and jackfruit chips. Ankita Nagvekar from Veg Food Trails tells us, “At my place we make jackfruit nuts bhaji, raw jackfruit bhaji and dry up the ripe jackfruits to make papad.”

Navami from The Food Meddler makes unique dishes like jackfruit biryani and bhajias. “I have made recipes from raw jackfruit pulp as well as the jackfruit seeds. One of the trending recipes this jackfruit season was the jackfruit seed milkshake, which turned out to be super delicious and my personal favorite. Made this amazing jackfruit chicken biryani, with raw jackfruit pulp slow cooked and tossed in spicy chicken gravy, all thanks to my mom’s maiden recipe. And last but not the least, why leave the jackfruit leaf out, so I made some hot jackfruit leaf bhajiyas, which turned out to be good.”

Some make various traditional Goan dishes too. Sapna Sardessai tells us, “My home smells of jackfruit these days. Most recipes I try are age-old and have been prepared over generations. Like for example, Pansache Saat (jackfruit leather) made from rosall panas, the softer variety of jackfruit. This is a sun dried preserve kept aside for a rainy day. So also, Talille Ghare, strips of unripened jackfruit deep fried in salted coconut oil. These can be stored for a while. Then there are the day to day recipes, such as Gharai, made from about-to-ripen jackfruit. Pansachi Bhakri (flat bread) is a breakfast essential in jackfruit times. Pansachyo Patollyo, steamed in turmeric leaves is very traditional. Dhonas, the jackfruit cake is an all time hot favourite. Tender jackfruits are also used to make Sushelle (a chutney or salad), Chaako (a vegetable preparation) and Dangarr (cutlets). Kuvlyachyo Foddi (raw jackfruit fritters) are also prepared.

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