Guess where was this picture taken? Food gets frozen mid-way while being eaten!


As we step closer to the end of 2020, the winter season has unleashed itself with full force in many parts of India. With temperatures dipping day by day, it has become difficult to leave the warmth of our blankets and step out during early morning hours or once the sun sets. In Delhi, the average temperature has started to drop to 5-8 degree Celsius, which is no less than a terror in itself for many of us.

However, have you ever imagined living in a place where the temperature could drop to -45 degree Celsius? If you think this could only happen in imagination, you are mistaken!

Recently, a Twitter user from Novosibirsk, Siberia shared an image that presents to the world the extreme cold conditions of the country. In the picture, the liquid inside the egg and the noodles were frozen, creepily freezing them in the middle of when they were being eaten. Within no time, the photograph went viral and garnered over 25.6k likes and 8k retweets.

The user, @olegsvn, shared the image on Dec 28 where the temperature at his home town located in Siberia, Russia was -45 C. Siberia is well-known primarily for its long, harsh winters, with an average temperature of −25 C in January. While sharing the image, the user wrote, “Today it’s -45C (-49F) in my hometown Novosibirsk, Siberia.”

In a subsequent tweet, he further mentioned another experience of his living in such a cold place. @olegsvn revealed that once, while he was serving in the army, the temperature dropped to -57 C and it became difficult to ignite gasoline. So, he and his fellow army men burned wooden fence in order to survive the cold night.

Pic credit: Twitter/@olegsvn

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