Gulab Jamun Pancake is latest food trend that you need to try


Bizarre food trends always surprise us, but at times there are a few that actually look like they are worth a try. Recently, a food blogger shared a recipe video of Gulab Jamun Pancake and it looked lip-smacking. This one is surely for all the gulab jamun lovers, who can give it a try and let us know if it’s really worth it or not?

How to make gulab jamun pancakes?

To make gulab jamun pancakes, you need readymade gulab jamun mixture, sugar, water and oil for shallow frying. First of all, make a batter of thick consistency using gulab jamun mixture and water. Spread it on a pan in the shape of a pancake and cook it using oil from both the sides till it turns golden brown in colour. Once done, set aside. Now make sugar syrup using 1 cup sugar and ½ cup water. Add cardamom powder and rose water to enhance the aroma of the syrup. Now pour the syrup on to the pancake and your Gulab Jamun Pancake is ready. Watch the video here:

Tips to keep in mind

While making the batter, you may add a small portion of refined flour to define the texture of the dish and may add chopped dried nuts too, which will give your pancake a nice crunch.

How to give it a healthy twist?

According to homechefs, use of homemade paneer adds to the flavour of the pancake and gives that extra softness to the pancake, which makes it look fluffy too. Use of paneer is a healthy choice over refined flour as the former is loaded with protein; helps strengthen bones and teeth and is good for heart health too. Regular consumption of paneer is also helpful in controlling blood sugar levels and improves digestion too.

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