Healthy Diet Tips: How To Pickle The Nutritious Cauliflower (Recipe Video Inside)


Cauliflower or bandh gobhi is one of the most widely available and consumed vegetables in the Indian subcontinent. The cruciferous vegetable belongs to a family of highly nutritious vegetables that are incredibly popular with the vegetarians and vegans of the planet. Although, cauliflower is included in a number of dishes in India, from mixed vegetable curries to pulao, it is still one of the most-underappreciated veggies around. We can find numerous more ways of cooking and consuming the vegetable than we currently do. Cauliflower is a favourite of those on Ketogenic diet, for example, and Keto dieters have found many ways to use it in everything, from low-carb rice dishes to low-carb pizza bases. Cauliflower can even be used to make baked goods like brownies and muffins.

Cauliflower Nutrition: Facts And Benefits

Even if you are not on the Ketogenic diet, this vegetable can benefit you in a number of ways. For one, the vegetable is low in calories with just 25 calories per 100 gram portion, as per data issued by the United States Department of Agriculture. It has very low carb count (5 grams per 100 grams), almost negligible amount of fats and a rich reserve of micro-nutrients like B vitamins and the disease-fighting vitamin C. Apart from adding cauliflower to your curry and pasta dishes, you can also make healthy soups out of it or ferment it to make delicious and nutritious pickle.

Vegetable pickles are healthy as they encourage the growth of gut-friendly bacteria. This recipe of cauliflower pickle is made by tossing the florets in mustard oil with a host of healthy spices like turmeric, fennel seeds, mustard seeds, asafoetida etc.

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