Here are some traditional sweets served during Sao Joao


As Sao Joao winds down this year and the noise of the festivities recedes into memory, we take a look at the different dishes that make an appearance especially for Sao Joao.While some were busy making and finalising plans to jump into wells, many kitchens were bustling with home chefs. The excitement of executing traditional recipes to perfection, the aromas emanating from kitchens, serves to quietly add to the spirit of Sao Joao.

are the most famous of the Sao Joao dishes.A paste of parboiled rice is spread on turmeric leaves, a mixture of jaggery and grated coconut is used as the filling, the leaves are folded and steamed in a . A is a utensil where the bottom layer holds water, over which rests a stand. The folded turmeric leaves with the rice paste and coconut and jaggery filling are placed on the stand and steamed.

In a similar manner are prepared using jackfruit leaves. The leaves are first rolled into the shape of a cone. The inner side is smeared with a paste of parboiled rice and a filling of grated coconut mixture and jaggery is added. The leaves are later steamed.

Among these, revellers are also served home grown fruits, such as bananas, jackfruits, mangoes and pineapple.

(Image courtesy: Instagram/sbsfood)

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