Here is how you can prevent the appearance of blackheads on nose and face


New Delhi: Blackheads are small, black in colour, spot-like eruptions on our skin caused due to various factors. They make the skin look dull and dark, and can often become a huge problem for people who face them. While various external factors like the environment, pollution, etc. may become the cause of blackheads, certain lifestyle choices and health problems can cause blackheads.

Age, hormonal changes at the time of puberty, pregnancy, menstruation, etc. can lead to blackheads. Use of birth control pills can also lead to the problem. If blackheads trouble you a lot, there are some home remedies and cosmetic products that you can try, but if you do not target the root of the cause, the problem can reappear. Here are some home remedies to prevent the eruption of blackheads.

Keep your skin clean

Following a simple skin care routine and keeping your skin clean can keep a lot of skin problems, including blackheads away. Keep your skin clean by washing your face at least twice a day. Do not sleep with any makeup on. Make sure you moisturize your skin, as dry skin can send the message to your glands to release more oil, which can make the problems of acne and blackheads worse. Make sure your pores are not clogged and exfoliate regularly.

Quit smoking

According to research, smoking is linked with the appearance of blackheads on the face. If you want to get rid of the blackheads, quitting smoking may be a good idea. It will also reduce the risk of other health and skin problems like acne, obesity, heart diseases, etc.

Say no to oily food

Oily food can increase the appearance of blackheads and acne on your face. Even extra spicy food can add to the problem. If you suffer from frequent blackheads and are looking for a way to avoid them, eating healthy, non-oily food is the way to go.

Shower after vigorous exercises

Sweating post and during an exercise can lead to accumulation of bacteria on your skin. This bacteria, if left unwashed, can cause blackheads on the skin. You must shower and wash-up properly after an exercise routine like a gym workout or a dance session to ensure your skin is clean and safe from bacteria.

Do not block your pores

Sometimes, the make up you use or the clothing you wear can block the pores. When the pores are unable to breathe, they get clogged. Clogged pores are the main reason behind acne and the appearance of blackheads on the skin. Make sure your skin is given time to breathe, and a healthy routine is followed to prevent the appearance of blackheads.

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