Here is why you should sleep in the dark at night


Do you often fall asleep on your couch watching television? Or prefers to keep the lights of your room on while sleeping at night? If this is a normal part of your routine, then you must stop doing it right away as you might be unknowingly risking your health.

Why light is not good
You are advised to sleep in a pitched dark room as light can affect the quality of your slumber. The absence of light sends a signal to the body that it is time to rest. While exposure to light keeps your mind and body alert and awake even at night, it interferes with your body’s circadian rhythm. Sleeping in a bright room at night alters the body’s internal sleep clock. But a recent study suggests that doing this can increase the risk of developing diabetes.

The study
The study conducted by the Northwestern University, which was published in the journal Sleep indicates that sleeping in a bright room can make you prone to diabetes. The researchers recruited 20 healthy adult volunteers between age 18 to 40 to conduct this study.

On the first night, they asked the volunteers to sleep in a pitch dark room. On the second night, they asked half of the volunteers to sleep in the same dark room and the second half on a bright room.

The researchers noted the vital signs, brain wave activity, leg, and eye movements of all the volunteers while they were sleeping. They even took the blood samples every hour to measure the melatonin (a hormone that helps to control your internal clock ) content of the volunteers in their sleep. While in the morning the researchers conducted glucose tolerance test on all the volunteers.

The result
It was found that sleeping under bright light can increase the insulin resistance in a person, which can lead to diabetes. It is also found that poor quality of sleep can also increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and obesity. Although, this research is just preliminary, but is enough to indicate that sleeping in a bright room is not a very good option.

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