Here’s how you can give yourself a freshly manicured, painted nails!


Are you missing a relaxing manicure session at salon? Because nothing can beat the feeling of freshly manicured and painted nails. French manicure is always the first option that comes to your mind when you think of manicure, after all it’s a classic nail art which is thoroughly loved by all women. But since the lockdown is on and the salons are shut, we are missing out on finely manicured nails. But one good thing that happened during lockdown, is that people started sharing various hacks and DIYs, which helped us all in keeping ourselves prim and proper even in the lockdown.

And now, another hack is here, which will help you achieve the classic french manicure at home. And all you need for it is a band aid and a white nail colour. A video on TikTok uploaded by @latestwomenzfashion is going viral because of the easy breezy nail art hack it shows. According to the video, all you need to do is, take a band-aid and apply it vertically on your nails. But leave some space at the edge and apply white nail polish there. Once it has dried, take off the Band-Aid and repeat the process with other nails. Once the white nail coat dries, ensure to seal the deal with a clear nail polish. Apply two thin coats and call it a day!

The video received over 27.7k like and various comments from women who are absolutely in love with this hack. Did you like it too? So, go and try it yourself!

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