Home remedies to reduce dark spots and brighten your skin as the wedding season approaches


New Delhi: With the wedding season approaching, it is important to take extra care of your health. When you are healthy on the inside, it shows on your body and will help you look your best during the wedding functions.

During the winter season, the skin can get dry and flaky, which can lead to dull skin or problems like acne. Acne and acne scars are very stubborn and take a while to go away. Here are some home remedies to reduce dark spots, and brighten the skin to look healthy during the wedding season.

Green tea for healthy skin

Drinking green tea has many health benefits like that of weight loss, detoxifying the body, etc. Green tea can also help brighten the skin internally by detoxing, and reducing impurities in the blood. Applying cold, green tea bags on your under eyes or acne scars can also help reduce dark circles and marks from the outside.

Potato slices to reduce scars

Not only are potatoes the most versatile vegetable as they can be added to almost any food, but they are also versatile when it comes to their uses. The starch in the potatoes can help build skin cells, and reduce acne marks considerably. A few uses should be enough to show results.

A healthy diet for healthy skin

A healthy, nutritious diet is the way to go to have healthy skin. Eating healthy, high-fibre, nutrient-rich foods, especially those which contain vitamin A, E, C, etc can help prevent acne, dull skin, and also help in treating the condition.

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