How to keep your beard healthy during winters like Virat Kohli


Irrespective of the season growing a beard is quite common these days. Growing one for winters might make things a lot better. Your beard provides you protection from the cold winters, UV rays and also the wind burn. It also provides the perfect excuse for being lazy and not picking up the razor everyday to shave. While there are many benefits of growing a beard in this season it is also necessary to properly groom your beard to keep it healthy and to look sharp. For those who love to grow or have a beard, here are some tips on how to maintain beard in winters.

Avoid hot water
We know how comforting using warm water in winters is but it can affect your beard. No matter how cold it might be but a hot shower is the worst enemy of your beard. Hot water makes your skin dry due to which your beard might not be able to obtain the necessary oils to keep it moisturized. This can result to dry beard and itchy skin.

Moisturize well
Washing your beard is essential but you might want to cut down on the use of shampoo to twice a week and instead condition your beard more. Shampoos that contain sulphate should be avoided as sulphate dehydrates your skin and if your skin is dry then your beard hair won’t be much hydrated either. Use of conditioners is more beneficial as it helps smoothen out hair and provide a little shine.

Bushing/combing your beard is a must

Combing your beard is a nice way to keep your beard clean and to spread the oil evenly. It also helps in circulation which in turn promotes healthy beard growth. Therefore combing your beard has several benefits and should be a part of your routine if you want a healthy beard.

Beard oil and balm

Beard oil is one of the best products to apply on your beard. As soon as you come out of the shower apply beard oil to moisturize your skin. You can also use a beard balm, which softens the beard. One must invest in these two products to grow a healthy beard.

Schedule visits to the salon
If you’re planning to maintain a long beard, you need to schedule a few visits to the salon. A beard expert can help to shape your beard and give you a well-groomed look.

By: Vasu Arora

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