How to make bitter gourd juice for a diabetic diet


New Delhi: Diabetes affects millions of people all around the world, and is a risk factor for many other diseases. Various health issues like heart ailments and kidney complications can arise as a result of diabetes. It is very important to manage and control blood sugar, to ensure that the body stays healthy, and the risk of these diseases is reduced. A healthy diet and an active lifestyle play a very important role in diabetes management.

A strict diet is extremely important to manage diabetes. Eating fibre-rich, low-calorie, healthy food is recommended when someone suffers from diabetes. Bitter gourd or karela is a vegetable fit for a diabetic diet as it contains fibre, antioxidants and nutrients that help in the management of blood sugar. One of the best ways to consume a bitter gourd for a diabetic diet is by drinking its juice.

Here is how you can make the simple, diabetic diet beverage.

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