How to make your make-up meltproof this monsoon


Want your make-up to stay in this sticky weather? Just like you switch your clothes for the rainy season, you need to change your make-up products to keep your make-up meltproof in this weather. From powder-based blushes to waterproof make-up, stick to monsoon-friendly products this season. Here’s our guide on what make-up products you need to use this season:

Skip the foundation
Ditch those heavy foundations for cushion foundation, BB and CC creams. They are lightweight, blend easily and are a great pick for the humid weather.

Use waterproof eye make-up
For eye make-up, switch to waterproof liners and mascaras, so that they don’t get washed off easily.

Stick to powders
When it comes to blushes or eye-shadows, opt for powder-based products instead of liquid and cream-based ones. They stick around better and keep stickiness at bay.

Use mattifying powder
Once you’ve applied your make-up, dab it with a mattifying translucent powder. It will soak up the excess oil and moisture and give you a long-lasting finish.

Set it with a setting spray
You can also set your make-up with a setting spray. It will give your make-up a dewy finish and won’t let your base or eye make-up melt at all.

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