How to match your lipstick with your outfit like Janhvi Kapoor


For Grazia Millennial Awards 2019, Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor stepped out in a hot pink pantsuit by Safiyaa. The candy-pink jacket featured a V neckline and cut-out detail. She paired it with flared pants in matching colour. Her look was rounded off with pointed heels.

With this look, she went for glam waves for a retro touch. What we loved was was her all pink look. Janhvi went for a bright pink version of lipstick that complemented her ensemble. For lighter colour outfits like Janhvi, you can opt for a brighter lipstick to enhance the look.

And, when it comes to darker-hued clothes, you can go for soft shades of lipsticks. For a hot pink lehenga, Janhvi went for a soft pink shade of lipstick.

For shades like gold, beige and browns, you can stick to nude lip colours. Janhvi went for a nude lip colour with a golden lehenga.

Here are a few tips you must follow:
1. Stick to one colour palette. If you’re wearing a pink dress, look for shades of pink. It doesn’t have to be of the exact same colour as your make-up.

2. Balance out the colours. Bright lipstick and the bold coloured outfit is a big no! Balance out the look by choosing the right colours.

3. If your outfit is too shiny, then you can go for a matte lipstick. Glossy lips and shiny clothes can be too OTT!

4. Don’t go overboard with eye make-up. If you are going for a bold look like red lips and a red dress, then keep your eye make-up simple. For nude and muted lips, you can match your eye make-up’s colour to the outfit.

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