How to use expired milk to grow healthy plants


Food wastage is no less than a sin in a country where thousands of people die of hunger every year. And to reduce the food wastage, kitchen hacks always come handy. Recently, Telugu actress Samantha Akkineni showed on her Instagram story how you can use milk from an expired carton and not just throw it in the dustbin.

Tips to use expired milk

In an Instagram story, Samantha wrote, “Don’t throw out milk from an expired carton. I gave my leaves a sponge bath…look at them shine.” Along with the note, she had posted a picture of one of her potted plants, the leaves of which appeared to be glossy.

Using milk to get greener leaves

According to experts, the rich calcium content in milk helps plants grow and prevents rotting, which commonly happens during humid season due to calcium deficiency. Milk is also rich in essential proteins and vitamin B that are good for the overall health of plants.

How to use milk on plants

Mix one portion of milk and one portion of water and transfer the concoction to a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the leaves of the plants. Check after 30 minutes to ensure the milk is all absorbed. Wipe off the excess milk using a wet cloth or it could lead to a fungal reaction.

What else to take care while using milk for plants?

It is suggested to avoid using excess milk, else the bacteria in milk can exploit growth or cause the plant to fade.

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