I’m glad sneakers are fashionable: Rakul Preet


Fashion is… About comfort.

Five essentials of a woman’s wardrobe

Nice pair of jeans, white T-shirt, little black dress, one formal shirt, and shorts.

My everyday outfit

Shorts and T-shirt or a summer dress or denims with a crop top.

A grooming tip

Always keep your nails well groomed.

Favourite style trick

Oversized T-shirt with shorts looks stylish, is comfortable and makes a statement.

A fashion trend I hate

Bell bottoms.

A trend I love

I love crop tops and I really like the fact sneakers are in fashion as I am not a heels person.

My shopping strategy

I am a very bad shopper. I can’t put two things together so I need someone to do that for me and it’s usually my stylist, friend or mom I take along with me. I shop off the mannequins and displays!

Your style philosophy

Comfort comes first and when you own the outfit you wear, it naturally looks stylish.

Your must-have grooming essential

There are so many, as you need to be groomed from head-to-toe!

A skincare advice from your mom

Whatever fruit you are eating, apply it on your face. Then the usual haldi, besan, curd, lemon for removing tan.

Airport looks are…

Not cool. It’s too much pressure at least for me as I like to travel easy, and take too many flights since I am juggling acting and modelling.

Paparazzi is…

Never there when we are dressed and always there when we have oil in our hair! But they are cool.

Your fitness regimen

For me, fitness is a lifestyle. I work out every day because I feel my brain doesn’t work if I skip it. And I eat clean. I don’t eat sweets and fried food.

Your guilty indulgence

Bags and shoes.

Short takes
A word for you

Hyper – I can’t sit in one place

Ultimate fashion destination


Most stylish person in showbiz

Two people whose style I admire are Sonam Kapoor and Anushka Sharma (in pic) – her style is very classy, casual and elegant

l don’t think a star can hack it without a stylist now. You are always under the scanner. There’s no time to put a look together.

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