India crosses the 50-million mark for Covid-19 tests


India crossed the 50-million mark for coronavirus disease (Covid-19) tests on Monday, as 1.09 million tests were conducted in a day until midnight.

The country has ramped up its Covid-19 testing mechanism, as 13 million tests were conducted in the past two weeks.

On Monday, the daily tests crossed over one million after a dip on the previous day.

In July, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced that the country would build a daily testing capacity of a million swab samples. The announcement was made following a low test count per million population.

The one-million daily test mark was crossed for the first time on August 21 and the figure has been consistent over the past week.

At present, the number of Covid-19 tests per million population in the country stands at 37,079.

To be sure, the government has recently modified its strategy to allow Covid-19 tests on demand and did away with a doctor’s prescription in a bid to undergo the test.

“Recently, the union government has issued an updated advisory that provides for the first time ‘testing on demand’. States and union territories (UTs) have also been given wider flexibilities to simplify modalities to enable higher levels of testing,” said the Union ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoH&FW) in a press release.

“Higher testing enables early identification of confirmed cases, which, in turn, leads to timely initiation of effective treatment in supervised home/facility isolation or in hospitals. These measures aid faster and higher number of recoveries, lower fatality, and saving of more lives,” the release stated.

The recovery rate – the proportion of people who have recovered after they had tested Covid-19 positive– has reached 77%. The figure implies that three to four persons, who had been diagnosed with Covid-19 in the country, have recovered from their viral infection to date.

The sustained high recoveries have been aided by nine states and UTs that have been reporting over 80% recovery rate, according to the data shared by the MoH&FW.

The states that have reported higher recovery rates are the Andaman and Nicobar (88.6%), Bihar (88.4%), Dadra and Nagar Haveli (88.2%), Tamil Nadu (87.2%), Delhi (86.7%), West Bengal (85.2%), Nagaland (84%), Rajasthan (82.3%), and Gujarat (81.2%).

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